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GRTV Santa Show 2018!

LIVE recording of the annual GRTV Santa Show in-person at Wealthy Theatre!Ask Santa questions and share your holiday wishes! Join in on holiday festivities, like a book reading by Santa, music, special guests, as well as games and chances to win prizes!Brought to you by the Grand Rapids Community Media CenterVideo production by GRTV & Wealthy ...


We just received word that the Michigan House of Representatives is preparing to vote TODAY on the legislation that will take away local control of the public right-of-ways, and by extension the primary funding for GRCMC

City Connection - LGROW & Grand River - Sept. 2018

Wendy Ogilvie from LGROW discusses water quality issues in Grand Rapids. Hosted by Linda Gellasch. With Mayor Rosalynn Bliss.

Topics discussed include:
- This year's River Cleanup Event
- LGROW & Environmental Programs
- Updates on Restore The Rapids
- Issues with lead found in GR's water
- Expansio...

Rapidian Community Journalism Workshop

Join The Rapidian at the Grand Rapids Public Library Main Branch to learn the nuts and bolts of writing and reporting in citizen media. We will be going in-depth about community journalism, news and storytelling and publishing on the website. Whether you are new to the process or a regular contributor, this will be an opportunity to learn about the process at The Rapidian and to connect with other citizen journalists and members of the media. $10 secures your spot and includes lunch and supplies for the session. This will be an interactive session.