What’s good for the community is good for your company.

Underwriting with CMC connects you with our trusted nonprofit organization and raises your message up to be seen by our loyal readers, listeners, viewers and patrons.  CMC makes it easy for you to connect your business with local citizens who want to keep their purchasing dollars in our community.

  • Community Media Center

    Home to WYCE 88.1 FM, Wealthy Theatre, The Rapidian and GRTV. CMC also hosts concerts,  film festivals, community conversations, education workshops and other community outreach efforts. Your sponsorship and underwriting helps support our mission of  Building Community Through Media. Contact

  • The Rapidian

    A popular local online news source, with over 19,000 Social Media followers.  Your clickable logo leads readers and followers to the online content of your choice. Images and logos can be placed in the banner, sidebar, or connected directly to content of your choice. Contact to learn about our unique marketing niche.

  • WYCE 88.1 FM

    Offers unique personalized messages, read live on our popular music-oriented local community radio station. Your message will be read live by our programmers, and will reach our unique local audience as well as online listeners worldwide. Contact to learn about Day Sponsorships, Concert Announcements, Drive Time Announcements and Specialty Shows.

  • Wealthy Theatre

    The community’s theatre, featuring film, live performances and community gatherings. Your message can be seen on the big screen, on lobby monitors and on the marquee facing Wealthy Street traffic. Contact to share your message with patrons inside the theatre and with 10,000 daily passersby on Wealthy Street.

  • GRTV

    The local TV channel where anyone can express themselves creatively at little or no cost.  Your message will be broadcast between regularly scheduled programs and can include a custom slide with your logo and website, plus voiceover and video opportunities. Contact to learn more.

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