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posted by on 01/15/2016

We’ve said it over and over, but it bears repeating: 2015 was one of our strongest years thanks to our community reporters!

Ease of access and a variety of perspectives and journalism as a way to connect with one another and communicate across various social planes is what we’re all about. People’s desire to talk is all that they need to get started. We are proud to be able to direct, facilitate, support and educate community and all of the ways that community returns the favor for us over at The Rapidian.

Join us in celebrating Grand Rapids community journalism and local conversations at our Reporter Celebration on January 25. Hosted by Luna GR and featuring a free appetizer bar that provides a sneak preview of Luna's spring menu. 

We will be highlighting and honoring the community writers, reporters, and storytellers that brought us all the most loved, impactful, and dialogue-creating pieces throughout 2015. Along with a handful of surprise awards not announced until the awards, we are proud to announce these nominees today:

Top Conversation Starter (for those whose words were read and shared and talked about an incredible lot):

Purple Quill (Being willing to say- for all the world to hear- what your community isn’t quite getting right takes real bravery):

Quick Draw (Turning around a story quickly as a reporter is serious business. Turning around a story quickly as a *volunteer* reporter is amazing):

Prolific Nonprofit (For those who know that often times, educating others about your work is just as important as the good work you do):

Old-Timer (Along with many new voices this year, we’ve also had long-standing reporters that kept coming back with important news this year):

Photographer of the Year (These photographers gave not only their time but their formidable talent to make sure that we could tell our stories not only with words but with visuals that helped capture the reader’s interest and tell the story):

The Librarian (Whether it’s researching historical anecdotes or technical or political facts, these reporters put in the time to make sure their story was full of information and sources to help us better understand the full picture):

Neighborhood Champion (Call it placemaking, call it city-building, call it being a good neighbor. These folks are proud of their neighborhoods, and it shows):

Congratulations to all our nominated community reporters- your hard work is what makes The Rapidian possible! We look forward to announcing our winners on January 25- and a good handful of surprise awards as well!

The event starts at 5 p.m., with awards announced at 6. Check out the event page for more information and to RSVP here. We hope to see you there!


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