Looking back and looking forward: Invest in the Rapidian today!

posted by Briana Urena-Ravelo on 12/30/2015

Earlier this week, we revealed our Top 10 articles for 2015. 

This has been quite the year for us at the Rapidian. On more than one occasion, we’ve had folks in the community come up to us and say “The stuff at the Rapidian has been so powerful lately!” And they’re right! 

We’ve seen an increase in deeper, more introspective, unapologetic conversations about social issues and happenings in the city. We’ve made new connections with area groups and nonprofits who have used the Rapidian as an avenue to connect the city to their work. We’ve seen more engagement from our readership.

And while we’re proud, as always, we can’t take credit for it. The people that make the Rapidian possible- and powerful- are your own voices. Your neighbors’ voices, your voices. More and more, people are increasingly starting to see themselves as active agents in all realms and aspects of society and their communities. We’re grateful for the great articles and to our readers for being engaged and considerate. 

So thank your fellow community members! And in 2016, make the choice to join them and let yourself be heard.

Please help us continue to support all of your community’s voices with an end of year donation today.

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