An amazing year for Grand Rapids voices!

posted by on 12/28/2015

What an incredible year for empowering our local voices! We're here to bring you the top articles of 2015, but first let's look at some important trends:

  • Over half of the top ten articles are about foodIn fact, our excitement over food destinations and conversations this year seems to have taken over our thrill for beer news. Not one single article in the top 10 is about beer. That's quite a shift in trends!
  • Even more telling in trends, I would say, is that our community reporters got brave this year. They wanted to talk about social issues, and you, our readers and donors, wanted to join the conversation. All but two of the top articles approach social issues: food access, local economy, pandering to our patriotic sentiments, rape culture, disability, breastfeeding rights, cultural appropriation. Many were risky to share: too personal, too controversial, and too many in our community thinking, whispering, but not publicly stating concerns
  • Eight of our top 20 articles were written by first-time Rapidian reporters. All of these new voices joining The Rapidian to share their news and thoughts is incredible!

But when one community reporter steps up and speaks out, the community resonated with the conversation. In fact, the top two articles of 2015 also have the most social media shares of our entire history, to date.

You cared, you kept the conversation going, and we know that as a community you will continue to make sure that these conversations have a platform where all voices are welcomed, where all voices are heard, where free speech does not bow to corporate interest.

But we can't do it without your support. Please consider The Rapidian in your End Of Year donation planning. 


Without further ado, here are our top articles of the year.


  1. Why we need to start talking honestly about the Downtown Market by Levi Gardner
  2. Discover six locally owned alternatives to Trader Joe's by Wendy Hammond
  3. "In Season:" searches for the Fulton Street Farmers Market's articles 
  4. SiTE:LAB community creates one more surprise at final performance of grand prize winner by Holly Bechiri
  5. Martha's Vineyard answers Midtown's call for more groceries by Marjorie Steele
  6. Just get over it: GVSU graduate shares Title IX experience with no closure by Drew Damron
  7. Restaurant opening brings new barbecue style to Grand Rapids (Two Scott's) by Maddie Forshee
  8. Local business seeks inspiration from British colonial empire by Kat Matisse
  9. What's appropriate at a Trump rally anyway? by Eric Tank
  10. Breastfeeding rights under scrutiny by Linnea Carlson deRoche


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photo of Nourish Organic Market courtesy Jonathan Stoner, previously used to illustrate article by Wendy Hammond

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