CMC Education at North Park's Comic Con

posted by Gretchen Vinnedge on 04/03/2015

CMC Education was part of North Park Montessori's Comic Con event on April 2 where we saw many of the students and teachers we have worked with in the past.  We screened highlights of past student animations and told them about our upcoming Summer Camps:

Visual Verse Animation Camp - July 20-24  Students bring a poet's verse to life.

The Way I See It Video Camp - August 3-7  It's their turn to represent themselves in the media by making their own videos.

In addition, Lynn took requests to draw their favorite cartoon characters. See more pictures on our the CMCeducation Facebook page.

For more information about the camps, contact: Gretchen Vinnedge,, or Lynn McKeown, 616.459.4788 ext 126.