2022 Classes Coming to an End, Much to Look Forward to in 2023

posted by Tyler Walker on 11/22/2022

     We are quickly coming to the end of our classes & workshops for the 2022 season. GRTV has been able to provide educational services for so many grand rapidians this year. We are grateful to all of them and could not be happier to have them as a part of the GRTV and CMC community. This year we have not only been able to continue our corner stone classes, but also bring a new course into our rotation. The Ronin 4-D certification course has been a prized addition to our class offerings and with the feedback of our students it will be even more engaging when we pick up again in February. As of this article being published there are only 3 more classes for the remainder of 2022. Information about registration can be found here.

- “Now TV” on Friday December 9th 6-9pm.   

- “FPC X Editing” on Tuesday December 13th 6-9pm.   

- “Location TV” on Wednesday December 14th 6-9pm.   


     Do not worry though! The team at GRTV is already working hard to prepare more exciting opportunities for the 2023 season of classes & workshops. Not only will we continue to offer all the classes we have this past season, but we will also be working with local professionals to provide more unique and specialized classes that will only be available for a short time. Be sure to check our course offerings regularly to see what new limited classes GRTV will be providing. We look forward to meeting all the future students the new year will bring and hope you take advantage of everything GRTV has to offer. 

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