B-Movie Euphoria Joins GRTV!

posted by William Mosqueda on 07/02/2021
Born out of our love of b-movies and cult films, B-Movie Euphoria was created for the sole purpose of seeking out and spreading the word about great, generally overlooked movies. B-Movie Euphoria believes that these films have merit and much more heart and soul than any multimillion dollar Hollywood film.
B-Movie Euphoria believes that in order to appreciate film as an art form one must seek out the art on the fringes. The truly great films to us are the ones that take crazy risks, are beautifully imperfect and leave indelible scars on the psyche.
View and enjoy. These films are for all of us brave enough to step out of conventional box and into the wild, untamed world of B-Movie Euphoria!
Check it out on Grand Rapids Comcast channel 25 or on the Twitch simulcast at: https://www.twitch.tv/grtvaccess on Saturdays 10:30 PM EST

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