24hour Theatre Fest Goes Virtual

posted by Chris Kotcher on 04/30/2020

Grand Rapids area theatre artists are putting on a 24hr virtual theater festival Saturday May 2nd at 8pm! All written, rehearsed, and performed in the span of, you guessed it, 24 hours. Follow the 24 Hour Theater FaceBook page for the video, or tune in on our channel 24 LiveWire to see it on our Television broadcast, LIVE!

More info from 24HT:
Comedy. Live performance. Technical errors. Format misunderstandings. Buckets of writers' tears shed in the wee hours of the morning. This is 24 Hour Theater. After our (mostly) successful foray into live streaming with "24HT: Annie Get Your Webcam," we're excited to once more present several new live plays featuring dramatic action taking place exclusively through Zoom. This event will be LIVE-STREAMED via Facebook. The livestream will be shared on 24 Hour Theater's page, this event page, and a number of other locations. We are also excited to announce a new partnership: this stream will also be broadcast live on GRTV's Channel 24, on Comcast within the city of Grand Rapids. Tune in! We're famous, ma! We're running fewer plays this time to get a shorter, smoother show, and are very excited to see what hilarity could only unfold via the awkward medium of video communication!


Want to participate in the next one?

Writers and producers meet via internet(!) at 8 PM on a Friday, pick actors, and write the scripts! Scripts are then handed out the following morning to actors, who have several hours with the material. Directors begin virtual rehearsals at noon, and the plays go up at 8 PM!

Want to act? Great! Message the 24HT page or Cody Colvin directly and let us know you'd like to perform. You will get your script at 9 AM on Saturday, and rehearsals start at noon. Please note that this is a noon to 10 PM commitment.

Yay! Please message the 24HT page or Cody Colvin directly and let us know you'd like to direct. You'll get your script at 9 AM on Saturday talk with the producers at 11 AM and start running rehearsals at noon. Please note that this is an 11 AM to 10 PM commitment.

Writers start at 8 PM on a Friday and finish either late at night or early in the morning. It is tough, but rewarding. Let us know if you'd like to write in the future!

Open for whatever? Let us know you'd like to participate and that you're flexible on whether you act, direct, or write!

Please make sure you can block off that time before joining us! To all who watch and participate, THANK YOU for the support! Without y'all, we wouldn't have been able to involve nearly 100 people in the wonders of hastily put-together live theatre over the last few months.

To learn more about the 24HT Group, visit their Facebook page at:  https://www.facebook.com/24HTGR/

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