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posted by Linda Gellasch on 12/02/2019

The crew sets up for an episode Time to Talk, a live bi-weekly talk show hosted by Argie Holliman-Chibuzo on GRTV for over 3 decades.


When you, or a friend, or family member has a story to share with others in our community, what do you do? 

If you’re like many in our corner of the world, you go to Grand Rapids Community Media Center. 

It is through YOUR support that 5,492 community members shared our communities’ stories this year. 

  • 2,000 original TV shows were broadcast on GRTV 
  • WYCE’s community partnerships with local organizations provided free concerts for the public, including the memorable local music awards celebration the Jammies 
  • Nearly 500 Michigan artists stepped to the Wealthy Theatre stage in 2019
  • Nearly 450 community stories have been published this past year on The Rapidian
  • Local nonprofit websites have been created and maintained through our IT/Web Development Services

And all this has been possible, thanks to support from donors like you.  

Community Media Center is here to serve you, with a welcoming presence, a creative place to congregate. At CMC, you find dedicated and expert professionals committed to guiding you through the steps of composing, producing and sharing your story in your own way.  CMC’s mission, “Building Community through Media,” supports a deeper awareness and connection with all members of our community, by the community.

Thanks to you, our local media makers have touched the lives of thousands – whether they had a song to share, a performance to present, or an urgent message for their fellow community members to watch on TV or see online. 

Your gift of $50, $100, $150 or $200 can make all the difference. Because of you, the stories of Grand Rapids can be heard, seen, experienced!

Here are some ways to make your giving experience easy:

  • Visit our secure donation page to use your credit card
  • Call our Development staff at 616-459-4788 and: 
    • AMPLIFY your donation by reaching even higher this year  
    • Give ongoing support though monthly gifts by becoming a Sustaining Circle Donor

 As the world of media continues to expand into our lives, as media consumers continue to be immersed in the world beyond West Michigan, your Community Media Center is committed to staying at the forefront. We are dedicated to you, and to every person in the community who has a story to tell and share.  

Your donation makes change happen.

Thank you so much for your commitment, in “Building Community Through Media.”


Linda Gellasch
Executive Director 


CMC News

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