New Music Monday: September 16th 2019

posted by Cassie Betten on 09/16/2019

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Sampa The Great – The Return

The past four years have been a rise to fame for Sampa The Great, supporting artists like Joey Bada$$, Noname, Ibeyi, Little Simz, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Kendrick Lamar, Thundercat, and Hiatus Kaiyote. Now, Sampa is back with her third album, The Return, an album that effortlessly flows between classic hip hop to sounds pulled straight out of South African culture. The album focuses on her journey to finding a new self-identity after being away from her Zambian-born, Botswana-raised lifestyle, friends, and family. The album is already being critically well-received by DJs at the BBC, KCRW, KEXP, and at review outlets at Pitchfork, The Guardian, OkayAfrica, and The Independent. Even with a seemingly isolating monicher like “The Great,” there are a host of collaborations on this record that really help it shine even brighter, with artists like Clever Austin (Hiatus Kaiyote), Blue Lab Beats, Syreniscreamy, Ecca Vandal, Andrei Eremin, Silentjay, Kwes Darko (Slowthai), MsM (Skepta/BBK), Jonwayne, and Steam Down. The culture fusiona and community are also front-and-center on every music video, they are an excellent blending of fashion, art, and authentic cultural locations for music video scenes involving members of those communities. This release is fierce, well crafted, and demonstrates why “The Great” is an all encompassing, well-deserved artistic stamp of confidence in everything that she does. ampa will be touring the globe in support of this album on a headlining tour, so catch her in Detroit at Deluxx Fluxx on April 1st!

Highlights: OMG, Final Form, Freedom


Poncho Sanchez – Trane’s Delight 

For those who have even tip-toed into Latin Jazz, Poncho Sanchez’s name has surely popped up. He is a recognized collaborate, composer, and musician that has received the blessings of innovators in the Latin Jazz genre like Mongo Santamaria, Tito Puente, and Cal Tjader. Returning with yet another album in his 37-year relationship with Concord Records, Trane’s Delight is the marriage between his current and 11-year old self. As a kid, his first album that was purchased with his own money was John Coltrane’s 1962 classic album, Coltrane, an album that would later go on to inspire generations of jazz musicians with the iconic pairing of John Coltrane with quartet members McCoy Tyner (piano), Jimmy Garrison (bass), and Elvin Jones (drums). With Trane’s Delight, there is a blend of new, original compositions and new arrangements of Coltrane classics like “Giant Steps” and “Blue Train” in honor of the jazz legend. If you’re a fan of expert Latin Jazz big band arrangements performed by passionate, veteran jazz musicians, you will enjoy this album!

Highlights: Giant Steps, The Feeling Of Jazz, Blue Train


Marco Benevento – Let It Slide 

For about 20 years, Marco Benevento has been a fixture of the New York experimental rock and jazz scene. He is the founder of Fred Short (a recording studio), he frequently collaborates with Joe Russo, is a member of Garage A Trois, has studied with the likes of Joanne Brackeen, Kenny Werner, John Medeski, and Brad Mehldau, and has recorded with artists like Rich Robinson (The Black Crowes), John McEntire (Tortoise), and A.C. Newman (The New Pornographers). With such a wide variety of influences to color his playing and performing, his solo releases have become staples in those looking for experimental textures nestled comfortable inside indie rock idioms. With the release of Let It Slide, listeners are treated to 13 new tracks: 10 songs and 3 numbered “Gaffiano” instrumental interludes. In spite of having the clear ability to write, record, and produce his own music, he left the production of the album to Leon Michels (Diamond Mine) and is joined by guests Nick Movshon (drums, bass), Leon Michels (organ, percussion, bass, guitar, saxophone), Karina Rykman (vocals), Andy Borger (drums on “Solid Gold”) and Brad Barr (guitar on “Humanz”). Even with so many folks involved, Marco’s distinct musical identity shines through on yet another release, cementing him as a constantly innovating creator and performer. He has been to Grand Rapids in the past, and he will return to Founders Taproom on November 7th with the fantastic duo The Mattson 2!

Highlights: Let It Slide, Say It’s All The Same, Humanz


Lillie Mae – Other Girls 

Lillie Mae Rische has been an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist since she was a child, achieving early fame in the bluegrass and country scene in her all-sibling band Risches and Jypsi. Then, she crossed over into the rock world with her fiddle and mandolin playing in Jack White’s live band, recognizing her again on the tune “Temporary Ground” from 2014’s Lazaretto. Now, she is putting out her second solo release under Jack White’s label, Third Man Records, an album called Other Girls that highlights her voice and is produced by Dave Cobb this time around. The pacing of the album matches the recent change in the pacing of her non-stop touring life, from age 3 touring as a fiddle player in her family’s band until this year when she slowed down to track this album. The space opens up more of an opportunity for Lille Mae to shine, and this album is a strong showcase of her talents with so many acoustic sounds and styles layering together. This album shows her experience and confidence behind her instruments, and yet leaves room for listeners to feel the weight behind those experiences rather than flexing her chops. It’s a solid release, one that fades into the background after so many stories told and songs sung with a Nashville flare. 

Highlights: You’ve Got Other Girls for That, Terlingua Girl, A Golden Year


Devendra Banhart – Ma 

Devendra Banhart has always carried poetry and music as constant companions. Growing up in Caracas, Venezuela, and Los Angeles while eventually studying at the San Francisco Art Institute, he has had many influences to his craft. Leaving SFAI in favor of wandering and busking, he learned to hold his companions close as they developed into new songs, new stanzas, and new expressions of his experiences. His latest album, Ma, is described by a press release as not approaching “the album’s maternal theme in a literal way; rather, by contemplating it, alluding to it, regarding the concept of motherhood from different angles, he has fashioned an album of multiple, intertwining narratives.” With such an artistic mind geared towards working in different mediums and connecting so many narrative themes, motherhood is expressed in one part regarding his affection for his home country of Venezuela. With proceeds from his touring going to the World Central Kitchen to feed thousands of affected citizens and constant contact between his relatives in the country as they bear witness to social, political, and economic turmoil, Devendra Banhart views motherhood as actions, emotions, and strong, personal attachments and affections towards people and places. Whether sung in English, Spanish, or Portuguese, he is able to communicate a range of perspectives on the subject, and it makes for an interesting listening experience. Accompanying the recommended tracks are visually distinct music videos that further express creative mind behind these stories and songs, with one video simply showing images of Venezuela that are often lost in the current reporting of the nation.

Highlights: Taking a Page, Kantori Ongaku, Abre Las Manos




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