City Connection - Our Community's Children (August 2019)

posted by Chris Kotcher on 08/05/2019

In the studio this month is Shannon Harris from Our Community's Children.

Topics to be discussed include the LEAD program, mayors youth council, connecting children to nature, and other programs run by Our Community's Children. City Connection is hosted by CMC's Linda Gellasch, with Mayor Rosalyn Bliss of The City of Grand Rapids. If you have a question for the mayor, city, or Shannon, feel free to email us at: City Connection is powered by GRTV, Grand Rapids Community Media Center, The Rapidian, and The City of Grand Rapids.

Every month, Mayor Bliss or a representative from the city will be open to all questions sent in during or in anticipation of her live on-air show "City Connection." For over 18 years, the mayors of Grand Rapids have hosted City Connection, a monthly, live call-in show on GRTV’s Livewire, Comcast channel 24. Mayor John Logie started the program in 1992 as a way to share mayoral perspective with Grand Rapidians and to bring a little more transparency to local government. City Connection is an opportunity to interact directly with one of our city’s top elected officials.

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