New Music Monday: July 1st 2019

posted by Cassie Betten on 07/01/2019

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Quantic – Atlantic Oscillations 

So I was first introduced to this producer a few years ago at a show at The Pyramid Scheme, one that I was invited to by Sylvester Uzoma Onyejiaka II (Sly5thAve) after having some nice conversations after his set with Ghost Note at Founders Taproom a few weeks prior. I enjoyed Quantic’s blending of different music genres and electronics with live players so much that I picked up a vinyl, one that each member happily signed. After such a positive introduction to the people behind the music, I was thrilled to see that Quantic’s latest record, Atlantic Oscillations, made the feature list for this week. Having lived on the coasts of Columbia and for years in Los Angeles, Quantic recently built a studio and relocated to Brooklyn, NY, where he has immersed himself in the New York club scene. His music is danceable at its core, but he delights listeners with a variety of instrument sounds, tasteful arranging, and a strong display of his many influences. The album includes collaborations with artists like Sly5thAve and vocalists like Denitia, Alice Russell, and Nidia Gongora. Throw this album on any playlist and you’re guaranteed to be moving, and run through the album with a fine-toothed comb and you’re sure to glean inspiration as an electronic artist, arranger, and producer!

Highlights: "Atlantic Oscillations", "You Used to Love Me (feat. Denitia)", "Motivic Retrograde"


Seratones – Power 

A strong blending of punk energy, Louisiana soul, and pop-punk sensibilities, Seratones returns with their aptly named release Power. Power can be found in the driving basslines, fuzz-laden guitar riffs, and the various statements of agency found in the lyrics. The band is in top form, and singer A.J. Haynes has a vocal range from gritty blues to soul to playful among an energetic tapestry of riffs and beats. One minute she is able to gleeful squeal above a frenetic tune like “Heart Attack” and the next she layers her voice and bears her soul on tracks on like “Permission.” Overall, this album was a joy to listen to, as it feels like both a fun album to track and an artistically satisfying release for those involved. So whether you need a track to dance without abandon in the streets or compliment a quiet night at home, there are tracks to match the range of emotions displayed on this album!

Highlights: "Power", "Gotta Get To Know Ya", "Permission"


The Black Keys – Let’s Rock  

Back again with their signature duo brand of alternative, blues-filled rock, Let’s Rock recently released, and it is The Black Keys’ first album since their 2014 release Turn Blue. A few singles were released prior, and the track “Lo/Hi” became the first track to top Billboard’s Mainstream Rock, Adult Alternative Songs, Rock Airplay, and Alternative Songs charts. While some albums have been conceived by the duo and tracked by a studio band, this album is entirely tracked and co-produced by Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney in Auerbach’s home studio (aside from two guest vocals from Leisa Hans and Ashley Wilcoxson). The title comes from the final words of a convicted criminal, Edmund Zagorsky, as he awaited Tennessee's first execution in the state in 11 years. The album is very guitar driven, with fuzz filled riffage sprinkled with gritty blues lines, and is a solid addition to an already well-recognized catalog of music from the duo. So crank this on your stereo as you jump into your buddy’s convertible and soak in these rock tunes!

Highlights:"Eagle Birds", "Walk Across The Water", "Fire Walk With Me"


Prince – Originals 

At this point, it’s undeniable to ignore the depth of artistry and talent Prince had as a musician, entertainer, producer, and songwriter. Hundreds of songs are still locked away in a vault, for privileged ears only, and they chronicle a lifetime of collaborations and compositions. Now that his music has been made more widely available through streaming platforms, listeners can now be treated to new experiences from the legacy artist for years to come. Originals is the latest release from this collection, and it catalogs 14 tracks that Prince recorded and handed over to other artists. These include artists like Kenny Rogers, Sheila E. Hearing, The Time, and The Bangles, further emphasizing just how easily Prince could inject his own artistry into any genre. While these songs are decades old, there are synths, guitars, and pop/rock flare that could fit in on the radio today, showing just how timeless Prince’s music remains. So if you’re looking for more Prince in your life or looking for the original versions of songs you already enjoy, check this release out!

Highlights: "Manic Monday", "The Glamorous Life", "You’re My Love"


Brijean – Walkie Talkie 

Brijean Murphy is a name that might not ring any bells to most folks, but you know her work as an in-demand indie-pop percussionist for acts like Poolside, U.S. Girls, and Toro Y Moi. According to the bio description on Native Cat Recordings’ website, “Walkie Talkie is Murphy’s collaboration with producer Doug Stuart, who shares a background in jazz and pop (Bells Atlas, Meernaa, Jay Stone, California Honeydrops). In marathon sessions at their intimate home-studio, wedged between touring schedules that rarely-overlapped, Brijean formed. Murphy’s layered percussion and hypnotic, expressive vocals coupled with Stuart’s harmonic palette evokes 70s disco, 90s house, and sly pop sensibilities. Walkie Talkie is a pure expression of the home-cooked, effortlessly chic aesthetic that is Brijean.” This debut release from this new collaboration is a welcome addition to any playlist, and it sets the tone for some great future releases and collaborations with other artists going forward. Walkie Talkie  is a wave you ride from beginning to end, blending so many styles and influences into a succinct release that is sure to have you grooving late into the night.

Highlights: "Show and Tell", "Fundi", "Meet Me After Dark"



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