New Music Monday: June 17th 2019

posted by Cassie Betten on 06/17/2019

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Jordan Rakei – Origin 

With highlighted performances at Glastonbury, SXSW, and Pitchfork Avant-Garde Block Party and collaborations with so many artists, including Tom Misch, Alfa Mist, and Richard Spaven (Flying Lotus, Jose James, Mala), Jordan Raikei has proven himself to be a talented multi-instrumentalist, producer, and vocalist over the past few years. Jordan returns in 2019 with Origin, a collection of songs that are inspired by dystopian futures depicted in shows like Black Mirror, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Twin Peaks. In spite of a bleak and emotionally draining source for inspiration, each song is a blend of soul, jazz, and hip hop that has defined Jordan’s sound. With each track, you are compelled to move and groove, as layers of guitar, synth, bass, and Richard Spaven’s signature percussion style melt together with electric textures into a warm sound amidst a cold subject matter. If you’ve been a fan of Jordan up until this point, you are treated to yet another part of his artistic character in this solid new release!

Highlights: "Rolling into One", "Say Something", "Mind’s Eye"


Bruce Springsteen – Western Stars 

With decades of inspiring music and dozens of live performances that can stack up as some of the most iconic examples of live rock music, Bruce Springsteen has earned his legacy status as an artist, musician, storyteller, and songwriter. Recently, the world was treated to a Netflix special, highlighting his run of broadway shows, aptly titled “Springsteen on Broadway,” a testament to just how many ways Bruce Springsteen can mold his artistic voice around different performance mediums. Just a few months later, the world is now treated to Western Stars, Springsteen’s first studio of all original music since 2012’s Wrecking Ball. This album features mainly Springsteen’s storytelling supported by a studio band paired with lush orchestral arrangements, as an album with the E Street Band has been announced for a later date. The album, according to Springsteen, is inspired by “Southern California pop music” of the 1970’s, citing the influential catalogs of Burt Bacharach and Glenn Cambell. This record is beautiful and emotional, somehow evoking such sadness while also warming the soul, a true example of how Springsteen is a hardworking artist with an album most will probably overlook in the wake of an upcoming E Street Band release. Whether you’re a diehard fan or casual listener, there is something hidden in this album for you!

Highlights: "Hello Sunshine", "Tucson Train", "There Goes My Miracle"


Fruit Bats – Gold Past Life 

Now that summer is here, no doubt you’ll be taking trips to the beach, camping, and visiting friends and family. Wherever your road trips take you, a playlist is sure to be blasted over your car’s speakers as you revel in the adventure you’re about to take! One album that will sit perfectly in your summer playlist is the latest release from Fruit Bats, an album full of seventies inspired tunes called Gold Past Life. There are paired down acoustic tunes, bouncy synth pop jams, and, in general, songs that are reminiscent of iconic albums from artists like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, and the Grateful Dead. It’s an album that is both well crafted and playful in its presentation, with Bee Gees styled vocals on the title track and intimate listening experiences on others. So request this track on your local radio station on the drive to work or bump the album on your car ride to the coast, you’re sure to enjoy the ride!

Highlights: "Ocean", "Gold Past Life", "The Bottom of It"


The Mattson 2 – Paradise 

California twins Jared and Johnathan Mattson are back with their latest release, Paradise, an album that sits comfortably in its jazz-focused compositions without being inaccessible. An answer to their more exploratory release in 2017, Star Stuff, this release is something you can put on at the beach and relax to, as it’s filled with warm, cozy sounds and styles. Each track is a refreshing dive into a crystalline pool of sonic waters, leaving you more relaxed than when you first hit play. This jazz isn’t the frenetic bebop of yesteryear or the lofty conceptions of modern academics, it is a jazz that captures a variety of American rock, funk, and soul genres and fuses them together with some improvisatory interactions. So kick back, find some good company, and have this album compliment your summer evening sitting on comfy furniture sipping a drink on the porch.

Highlights: "Wavelength", "Naima’s Dream", "Essence"


Calexico & Iron & Wine – Years To Burn 

Two fantastic groups in their own right, Calexico and Iron & Wine join forces once again, more than a decade later, to release Years to Burn. Whereas In the Reins, their first collaborative album in 2005, heard some tentative steps forward from each act, this current release is a celebration of what makes each artist so dynamic and thoughtful with their artistry. It’s the confidence of industry veterans merged with the patience of more seasoned songwriters, giving tracks time to brief, flow, and soak into the listener’s ears. Nobody is stepping on one another’s toes instrumentally or vocally, showcasing the trust and respect built up over the years of admiring each other’s musical growth since the first studio session. Songs like “The Bitter Suite” are their most ambitious compositions to date, complete with multiple languages, style and mood shifts, and even languages. Raise a glass in celebration for these two groups, as it is a welcome addition to both of their catalogs that they are able to once again join forces!

Highlights: "Midnight Sun", "Father Mountain", "The Bitter Suite (Pajaro/Evil Eye/Tennessee Train)"


Additional National Adds:

Shinyribs - Fog & Bling

Keb Mo - Oklahoma

Bruce Springsteen - Western Stars

Bill Callahan - Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest

Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real - Turn Off The News, Build A Garden

Bad Books - III

The Shootouts - Quick Draw

Calexico & Iron and Wine - Years To Burn

Compilations - Echo In The Canyon

Griffin House - Rising Star

Drivin N Cryin - Live The Love Beautiful

Damn Tall Buildings - Don't Look Down

Stan Getz - Getz At The Gate

Ghost-Note - Swagism

Beshken - Aisle Of Palms

Mattiel - Satis Factory

Stray Cats - 40

Mekons - Deserted

Plaid - Polymer

Peter Perrett - Humanworld

Fruit Bats - Gold Past Life

SadGirl  - Water

Pinky Pinky - Turkey Dinner

Meernaa - Heart Hunger

Julia Shapiro - Perfect Version

A-Wa - Bayti Fi Rasi

Orquesta Akokán - Orquesta Akokán (The Instrumentals) 

Divino Nino - Foam


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