SkipFiction: Charmer, Forest Green, Stars Hollow, Hexing, The Positive 4/12

posted by Cassie Betten on 04/09/2019


SkipFiction Presents: our biggest show yet; Charmer, Forest Green, Stars Hollow, Hexing, and The Positive. 

Bringing together bands from Marquette, Bay City, Ames (Iowa), and Muskegon, this show will be back to back sets of buds playing loud jams. 
$7 suggested to help the touring bands, no one will be turned away. 

Charmer - A beach, no. A beach ball, aloft and floating down the shore, everyone helping, bumping it along.

Forest Green - One last branch. Pulling yourself up, you can see it. Sea of conifers. Alaska.

Stars Hollow - the miner swings the pickaxe. It pierces the rock. others plant the c4, string out the fuse. another jacks the plunger--

Hexing - It's halloween, but it's not. you're home late from work, lights out, socks become matted with--wax? A cackle. Oh no.

The Positive - Your favorite math teacher. The way he wields the the expo marker, draws the perfect brackets around the derivative. 

Email for venue details.

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