WYCE Presents: Guster - Look Alive Tour 4/12

posted by Cassie Betten on 03/25/2019

WYCE Presents Guster - Look Alive Tour at The Intersection with Saintseneca Friday April 12th!

Great live capture from community radio WGBH Boston

WYCE has been spinning Guster albums in the West Michigan area on 88.1FM since 1999's "Lost and Gone Forever" release. The group has 20 years of writing, recording, and touring - Guster has proven their mastery in the early rise of independent folk and alternative sound.

Volunteer Columnist Dutcher Snedeker reviews Guster's latest effort Look Alive:

"This long-standing Boston alternative rock group kicks off 2019 with their first album in about 4 years, since the group’s formation over 20 years ago. The years of writing, recording, and performing together as a group combine to form a tastefully written and recorded release. The variety of synthesizer sounds on this album pair nicely with the core rock instruments, whether it’s cycling sequencers, thick bass lines, or ambient pads rounding out the fullness of a track. Songs carry that familiar pop structure most listeners are used to, but are injected full of personality and charm that comes from Guster’s personality during the creative process. Lyrics describe basking in the warmth of summertime, nervous, romantic interaction, and just how hard it is to deal with the world around us. Even if you are checking back in with Guster for the first time since hearing “Satellite” in 2006, I’d encourage you to give the album a listen and join us April 12th for WYCE Presents: Guster live at The Intersection!"


Secure your spot at the show: http://bit.ly/2IYRTng



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