New Music Monday: February 11th 2019

posted by Cassie Betten on 02/11/2019

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Galactic - Already Ready Already 

Galactic continues to shape their genre blending, New Orleans-born sound on this latest release, Already Ready Already. I first saw this band live at The Intersection, and right away I felt the energy and talent behind this group’s sound, along with a host of guests that showcased the band’s ability to highlight and support the artists they were featuring. This release continues to merge elements of funk, rock, hip hop, brass band, world music, electronic music, and blues with a variety of guest artists that include New Orleans singer/YouTube sensation Princess Shaw, Miss Charm Taylor, and Erica Falls. As scattered as the band reads on paper, their sound is a focused, welcome addition to any show thanks to so many talented, educated band members crafting and performing each tune. This album offers something for everyone to enjoy, letting the good times roll from track to track!

Highlights: "Going Straight Crazy (feat. Princess Shaw)", "Clap Your Hands (feat. Miss Charm Taylor)", and "Touch Get Cut (feat. Erica Falls)"


Cass McCombs - Tip of the Sphere 

Starting in the Pacific Northwest United States and touring the country with artists like Meat Puppets, The Decemberists, and Joe Russo, Cass McCombs continues to navigate elements of storytelling through his dreams and experiences in Tip of the Sphere, an artistic realization of “Mangy Love’s pre-inaugural prophetic themes (Anti- Label Album Page).” Weaving together elements of Americana, psychedelic/folk-rock, and jam band charm with strong, narrative vision, McCombs invites you into a dream-like world of lush, effected textures populated by rock and folk idioms alike. Each track has its own means of sucking you in with hypnotic grooves and deceptively soothing atmospheres, and I encourage you to delight in every sound you find on this release!

Highlights: "I Followed The River South To What", "Real Life", "Sleeping Volcanoes"


Girlpool - What Chaos Is Imaginary 

Funny enough, when reviewing Cherry Glazerr’s new album last week, I went and searched for some related artists and Girpool was near the top. The group’s new album, What Chaos Is Imaginary, sees a clear identity between tracks that were sculpted by Cleo Tucker versus Harmony Trinidad, showing growth and confidence in how these artists choose to highlight their sound. Rather than solely a duo collaboration, each member leads the charge on a particular track, showing a level of trust between Tucker and Trinidad after 5 years of collaborating. With an openness indicative of the online/social media cultures of today’s younger generation, Girlpool leaves everything bare with each track, to a sometimes uncomfortable-yet-refreshing degree. So often artists carve out a separate persona to distinguish themselves their craft, but artists like Girlpool, who live constantly in their state of artistry, encourage listeners to engage with their humanity among the album’s many artificial drum machines, electric guitars, and synthesizers. Find stability within life’s chaotic moments when you dial into Girlpool’s latest offering!

Highlights: "Pretty", "Hire", "What Chaos is Imaginary"


Mavis Staples - Live in London 

Veteran performer of seventy years, frequent collaborator with dozens of artists (including the aforementioned Galactic), and popular/activist artist from her roots in The Staple Singers family band until now, Mavis Staples invites you into London’s iconic Union Chapel for her new live album that celebrates life and the many turbulent roads one can take. Produced by Mavis Staples herself, the album captures the energy, spontaneity, and vulnerability of Staples’ powerful, unwavering presence, even among a typical 200-show annual touring schedule. Blues and a deep well of soulful emotions join forces to accompany Staples’ steadfast resolve in trying to empower listeners to make the world a better place. Whether speaking on love, unity, Civil Rights, or modern-day injustices, Mavis Staples is an infectious, artistic personality that will not be deterred by what the world appears to be, but what it can and should be. Many of her hits are on this live concert, and I will definitely also look for a video of such a great live performance to further enjoy such a well done show (one that was on her 79th birthday)!

Highlights: "Love and Trust", "You Are Not Alone", "We’re Gonna Make It"


Beegie Adair - Grover’s Hat Project 

Recently, on a popular Facebook page for aspiring jazz musicians called “Jam of the Week,” a thread was started complaining about Tia Fuller’s recent jazz Grammy nomination speech that boldly reminded a community of musicians that women excel in every genre, but often don’t get the recognition they have earned. While many members of the Facebook group openly mocked and debated such disdain by male jazz musicians agreeing with negative sentiments, it shows the pervasive attitude that can be found in such a male-focused genre. Luckily, I am grateful to highlight Beegie Adair, a fantastic female veteran of the piano and jazz music alike for decades. Her career has seen her as a teacher, session musician in Nashville, part of The Johnny Cash Show band, and an owner of a jingle company, writing commercial music with her husband. She has performed to audiences around the globe and has often been compared to Erroll Garner, George Shearing, and Bill Evans for her melodic, fleet-fingered style, which continues strong into Adair’s 80s. Jazz classics, country ballads, and blues songs will delight listeners of many generations, especially with guest appearances by Vince Gill, Ray Stevens, Connie Smith, and Carolyn Martin. Take an afternoon to sit by the fire, hot tea in hand and soak up the many great arrangements from industry veteran Beegie Adair!

Highlights: "That’s My Desire (feat. Ray Stevens)", "Darkness on the Delta (feat. Vince Gill)", "Someday Soon", "Sweetheart (feat. Carolyn Smith)", and "You Made Me Love You (feat. Connie Smith)"


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