WYCE Songs of The Summer 2018

posted by on 07/13/2018

Ahh the Michigan summer heat. You're fighting to keeping cool, escaping to the lakeshore, or perched below the A/C unit.
Either way 88.1FM delivers local tracks our On-air Programmers have really been digging for your summer nights playlists.

"Song of the Summer" is a commercially used term for singles that you just can't get out of your head (usually not by your own volition).

WYCE wants to flip that with some local contenders from the mitten state. Check out the Spotify playlist below:


* All tracks have charted on 88.1FM with 15 spins or more since their album submissions in the Spring of 2018

To submit your music to WYCE visit: https://grcmc.org/wyce/local/submit

Editors Note: Accurate spins with the exception of Staff picks "I'm Here" - Tunde Olaniran and "The River" - SLPXRT

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