SLPXRT's 10th Annual 4.20 & Ready2Try Album Release


Billy's Lounge

1437 Wealthy St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Starts: 7:00pm

SLPXRT's 10th Annual Four Twenty Bash & 'Ready2Try' Album Release Party
Friday, April 20th
$10 Cover at 8pm
Billy's Lounge

For it's 10th consecutive year, Suport's Annual Four Twenty Celebration returns in spectacular fashion by making it's 4th appearance at Billy's ('13, '15, '16) with another jam packed lineup for the people!


SLPXRT (Suport The Respectful Pedestrian)

Bronze Nazareth & The Wisemen

DJ Psycho *special Piggy McTiggers set

Thick As Thieves

Tekh Togo

Assorted Anonymous


The Brickstreet Hooligans

and special guest performances by

Wu Zee

D.R.E.E.M. Entertainment


E. Spellzzz


Biffy the Beat Slayer

AOTA crew member DJ ILL ONE (Grand Rapids, MI) on the one's and two's spinning dope music all night long!

SLPXRT (Grand Rapids, MI)

Back to release his first full length project in 7 years, GR native and longtime member of the Eastown community, Sean Powell aka SLPXRT (Suport The Respectful Pedestrian) finds himself once again at home on Billy's stage. Rhyming smooth lyrics over head nodding beats with clear and concise delivery, SLPXRT proves he's no stranger to live performance with raw energy and effortless stage presence. Releasing his 4th full length effort, the featureless 'Ready2Try', produced solely by fellow GR native Newstalgia, is bound to fair well with fans and critics alike for a long time to come, by showcasing SLPXRT's carefully crafted lyrics over Newstalgia's very cinematic boom bap beats. Until then you can listen to Suport & Sir Manley's underground classic 'Rocket Science' here:

OFFICIAL BRONZE NAZARETH Fan Page (Grand Rapids/Detroit, MI)

GR Native Bronze Nazareth is a veteran emcee/producer and long time Wu-Tang affiliate, with production credits boasting various top tier emcees, notably two tracks on The RZA's Birth Of A Prince, as well as artists like GZA, Immortal Technique, and Planet Asia to name a few. Along with his brother, the late Kevlaar7, Bronze formed The Wisemen with Phillie, Salute the Kid, Illah Dayz, June Megalodon, and Lord Jessiah - operating under the independent record label Black Day In July productions since 2010. Pairing the gritty soul and sound of Detroit, Michigan with honest and intellectual lyricism, The Wisemen continue to carry on tradition, forever cementing their legacy, and that of Kevlaar7's, in the Hip-Hop history books. You can find out more about Bronze Nazareth, Kevlaar7, The Wisemen, and Black Day In July Productions here:

DJ Psycho of Detroit Techno Militia

Flint native Dezi Magby is a veteran DJ and member of the Detroit Techno Militia, relentlessly exemplifying the epitome of authentic turntablism. With stacks of vinyl, and the level of musical comprehension that is nothing short of genius, applying anything to everything, DJ Psycho is seemlessly able to move any crowd and leave even the most attentive listeners going "what the??!?" in complete satisfaction. His ability to create thoughtful compositions that take his audience for those funky rides was clearly stated in his recent limited edition hard copy release of Piggy McTiggers VI: Bessie's Boy, which quickly sold out in 2017 to eager fans thirsty for the one of a kind journey that only Dezi could navigate for you. Thankfully, for the rest of us, you can now listen to it on SoundCloud here:

Simply put, you'll want to be around when this man takes his shoes off.

Thick As Thieves (Saginaw/Flint/Detroit, MI)

Self described as soulful blues/hip hop funk/reggae,Thick As Thieves is a 6 piece band homegrown in Michigan, all meeting in the middle to create one dope musical experience. Jammy grooves, irie melodies, and crispy lyricism give Thick As Thieves the versatility to rock the party right, under any circumstances. You can learn more about Thick As Thieves here:

Tekh Togo (Grand Rapids, MI)

It only takes a few bars for anyone to see why Hip-Hop aficionados gravitate towards Tekh Togo. His unique ability to casually combine sophisticated street vernacular over elegant rap instrumentals, create a visual sound scape for the imaginative and give chills to listeners standing in awe of the architectural design. You can listen to his Tekh's latest release BLACKWATER here on bandcamp:

Assorted Anonymous (Grand Rapids, MI)

By taking an unorthodox approach to Hip-Hop, their efforts to remain unknown are essentially, what they are most known for. And at the end of the day, after measuring up on the universal scale of beats and rhymes, this multi-faceted trio transmits the same lyrical density and high quality audio experience that you can expect from any other self respecting heavy weight indie Hip-Hop artist in the game today. Check out their 2016 release Mystery In The Making, a collaboration with UK Producer DJ Trax here:

And grab a copy for your vinyl collection at the show.

The Seventh (Grand Rapids, MI)

Co-founder of AGO Music, producer/emcee The Seventh displays a very level headed confidence in the music he creates, giving off the subtle impression that his understanding of music is far beyond his already apparent grasp of what todays younger wave of music listeners yearn for. The Seventh combines a futuristic and funky approach to Hip-Hop music, creating somewhat of a psychedelic feel, with out losing the core vibe one could expect from the modern day trap sound and other various forms of party music. Check out The Sevenths most recent release, the single Stay W/ You produced by Sango, here:

The Brickstreet Hooligans (Grand Rapids, MI)

With various members of The Brickstreet Hooligans each touting their own unique individuality as lyricist, the combinations that result from the eclectic group of emcees create theme songs for the unsung and unheralded, and music for those who live their days near the proverbial Brickstreet (or on 'the Bricks' - the nickname affectionately given to the neighborhoods along Wealthy St. in Grand Rapids). Founded by Eastown J, alongside Charlie Rello and Sprite's Ferocious, their music creates a cross section of the Hip-Hop perspective thru a variety of complex 'no holds barred' lyrics over dope beats. Listen to 'Jackson Fifth' by The Brickstreet Hooligans here: