GRTV Production Assistant Internship

posted by Ted Diedrich on 01/29/2018
Hours: 5-15 per week
Credits: 0 - 3
Come work with GRTV as a production assistant and learn the ropes of television, video and film production. Video production is skillset that translates to any field and as such we welcome interns of all skill levels and interests.  Don't worry, this isn't your average "go get some coffee" video internship.  You'll get lots of hands-on experience in real world production settings.

Primary Responsibilities Include:
  • Production of public service announcements in GRTV studio
  • Completion of a custom designed internship project (this varies from intern to intern based on your interests and goals)

Suggested Skills:
  • Must be reliable and timely
  • Willing to take on unfamiliar tasks

Please send all applications to or call 616.459.4788 ext. 115 for more information.

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