Jobs & Internships


NPO Outreach Coordinator

for the Community Media Center


Position Type:
Part Time - Regular

$12-$15/hr depending on experience

Job Responsibilities:
Produce and host two taped television programs NPO Showcase and Focus on Issues as well as coordinate guests for short weekly PSA tapings.
            -Researching and staying up to date with local non-profit organizations news
            -Initiating contact via email and phone
            -Coordinating with clients and staff
            -Arranging for 3 non-profit organizations to tape a PSA each week
            -Hosting NPO Showcase for 4 episodes a month
            -Hosting Focus On Issues for 1 episode a month
            -Following up with clients with air times and web links

Primarily at 711 Bridge St NW, possibly some work could be done from home]

Position Requirements:
Comfortable with being on camera, preferably some media or public speaking experience
Intermediate computer skills required in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook
Highly motivated, confident, energetic and positive attitude
Strong oral and written communication skills, along with listening ability
Ability to work and solve problems independently
Comfortable using social media outlets

Application Deadline: November 31st

Send your resumes to:, 711 Bridge St. NW

Wealthy Theatre Business Manager

Grand Rapids Community Media Center is no longer accepting applications for the position of Business Manager at the community venue Wealthy Theatre.



GRTV Production Assistant Internship

Intern at Festival of the Arts

Intern at Festival of the Arts

Hours: 5-15 per week
Credits: 0 - 3
Come work with GRTV as a production assistant and learn the ropes of television, video and film production. Video production is skillset that translates to any field and as such we welcome interns of all skill levels and interests.  Don't worry, this isn't your average "go get some coffee" video internship.  You'll get lots of hands-on experience in real world production settings.

Primary Responsibilities Include:
  • Production of public service announcements in GRTV studio
  • Completion of a custom designed internship project (this varies from intern to intern based on your interests and goals)

Suggested Skills:
  • Must be reliable and timely
  • Willing to take on unfamiliar tasks

Please send all applications to or call 616.459.4788 ext. 126 for more information.