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City Connection - Habitat for Humanity - November 2017

BriAnne McKee, executive director of Habitat for Humanity for Kent County, is the guest on this month's episode of City Connection. McKee and Mayor Bliss will talk about Plaza Roosevelt and the work Habitat Kent is doing around affordable housing. Hosted by Linda Gellasch. Every month on the first Monday, Mayor Bliss will be open to all questions...

Cinema Lab presents: Night of Native Cinema

Come enjoy a night of Indigenous short films from filmmakers across Turtle Island. This will also be the local premiere of Mino Bimaadiziwin the new short film from Anishinaabe filmmaker, Shane McSauby.This is a free event, and open to the public!

Support Puerto Rican Public Radio

Public media (radio and tv) in Puerto Rico has been knockedoff the air after the island was battered by back-to-back hurricanes.Communities in Puerto Rico rely on public media as theirsource for news and information, and these stations need tourgently get back on-air to help with the island's disaster recoveryefforts.Being able to communica...