GRTV and LiveWire Programming Schedule

12:00 AM

GRTV Shorts - Sub-Q

12:20 AM

GRTV Shorts - Wired

12:45 AM

GRTV Shorts - Recycling Lies

1:01 AM

GRTV Shorts - For the Love of Jazz

1:45 AM

GRTV Shorts - Fishers of Men

2:00 AM

IWE BattleZone TV

6:30 AM

Precious Testimonies

8:30 AM

Weekly View

9:00 AM

Fountain Street Church

10:00 AM

That Which Is

11:00 AM

Trinity Lutheran Church

12:00 PM

Aldo 'Big Al' Sings - 50s 60s and 70s

1:00 PM

Nothing but the Truth - Spanish

1:57 PM

Jokes of the Day at Harrison Park Elementary

2:00 PM

Gospel Tones

3:00 PM

Grace Apostolic

4:00 PM

Radio on the TV

4:25 PM

The Potter's House Schools Final Construction Update

4:35 PM

It Seems to Us

5:22 PM

Salad Dressing

5:30 PM

Nothing but the Truth

6:30 PM

God's Program

7:00 PM

Luz en Medio

8:00 PM

Hometown Pickin' - Sentimental Journey

9:00 PM

Walking By Faith

10:00 PM

Weekly View

10:30 PM

Oracle Ministries

11:10 PM

Wealthy Theatre - Frivolous Follies presents: A Modern Vaudeville Sh'Bang

12:00 AM

Classic Arts Showcase

4:00 AM


10:00 AM

Wealthy Theatre - Seth Bernard Eggtones for Peace

11:34 AM

Classic Arts Showcase

3:00 PM

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