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posted by Cassie Betten on 10/18/2018

Each day of our 2018 Fall Fund Drive, we will be publishing brief profiles of some of our programmers. Check out their stories and see What You Can Empower by making a contribution to WYCE!

Nancy Gallardo


I have worked in theatre as a prop designer since 1988, but  joined my first theatre company back in 1974. I also have taught theatre classes all over Grand Rapid since  2001. I have been on the board of the Ladies Literary Club (and also served as Artist Director) I have also served on the board of West Michigan Pride. I was a founding member of Ebony Road Players and past board member. Recently I worked the front desk of the CMC. I have been a WYCE Programmer since 1999. I won producer of the year at GRTV with All in One Place a music showcase with Matt Jarrells. For the past 2 and half years I have been actively involved with the Water Protectors movement. I spent several months at Standing Rock working against   Canadian oil  company Enbridge who have destroyed sacred lands and put  Standing Rocks water systems in jeopardy. I just returned from Cross Village and the Anishinaabek Camp in Leaving, MI. where as a founding member we continue to draw attention to Enbridge pipeline under the Mackinac Straits and its potential dangers to 20% of the world's fresh drinking water.

How long have you been at WYCE?

I have been a WYCE programmer since 1999. Nov. will be 20 years.

What brought you to WYCE?

The never ending mix of music, the fact that WYCE showcases West Michigan music, and it great volunteer team and staff.

In your view, how does WYCE empower the local community?

WYCE brings a diverse group together by the common love of music, and the community gives and supports WYCE because it has enriched their knowledge of world and local music making us all a bigger better family.

What other ways do you personally serve the local community?

I have volunteered in getting the vote out.


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