What You Can Empower: JWO

posted by Cassie Betten on 10/17/2018

Each day of our 2018 Fall Fund Drive, we will be publishing brief profiles of some of our programmers. Check out their stories and see What You Can Empower by making a contribution to WYCE!

Jennifer WolfSchwallie


I work for CMC at their Bridge St Reception desk. I volunteer with WYCE & Girls Rock Grand Rapids. I enjoy live music, reading, dogs, and crafts.            

How long have you been at WYCE?

Since 2014.

What brought you to WYCE?

My best friend dragged me to programmer training class and I stayed because I fell in love with sharing my way of listening to music with the community.

In your view, how does WYCE empower the local community?

Not only can any music enthusiast come in off the street with no experience and be trained to share their unique love of music with West Michigan by becoming a programmer but any musicians and their family & friends can hear them on the radio. We support local talent, businesses, artists, musicians, and nonprofit organizations doing good in our backyard.

What other ways do you personally serve the local community?

I try to be a non-official promoter of the music scene here in GR. I like to attend live shows frequently and want others to do so.


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