GRTV Shorts - selected films from William M. Mosqueda

posted by Chris Kotcher on 10/05/2017

William M. Mosqueda is a local filmmaker living/working in Grand Rapids. Often working in experimental genres, as well as cinematography for shorts & feature films. A few of his selected films are soon to air on a new episode of GRTV Shorts! We asked him to share some insight into his work & process:

How did you get your start?
WM: I have been making movies in some capacity since high school. It was the one creative medium that always stuck with me, and above any other medium I’ve dabbled in, filmmaking was something I always stuck with.

What influences you as a filmmaker?
I enjoy a wide range of films and filmmakers, but over the past years, the biggest influences to me have been the people around me who are also creating. Not just filmmakers, but musicians, painters, writers, and artists of all types, trying to work that hustle the same as me.

Where do the ideas for your films come from?
I get a vast potpourri of ideas all the time. Most don’t get a second thought, but every now and then, one idea sticks around. If I find myself revisiting it after a certain amount of time, I try to develop it. Sometimes I will just experiment with the thought, “how will it look if I do this?”, and an idea will present itself to me.

What equipment/software do you utilize?
I use a t2i and an old Olympus point-and-shoot that I got in college for my birthday, but I have also used my phone, old 35mm slides, cameras from Goodwill that half worked, used security cameras, and even old TV’s. Once I even created a film using software that I programmed myself that creates visuals through random numbers. It’s all well and good to know the latest cameras that shoot the sharpest video, but I find you gain so much more by embracing things that won’t give you the best results all the time. Sometimes it looks better when it’s not in 4k.


That software you programmed, with visuals corresponding with random numbers, how did you develop that?
I taught myself some basic programming/scripting for the purpose of generating music, and realized I could translate that process into generating visuals. Creating a system that in turn creates for you is exciting because you see that system that you built working on its own generating something new everytime.

How long is the process of making one of your films?
It varies from a few hours, to a few days, to a few weeks. It really all depends on the mediums I’m utilizing at the time to create the film.

What is the biggest challenge you've had as a filmmaker?
Getting started. Taking that idea that has stayed with me forever and developing it. Getting over the self-doubt that comes with the thought of sharing something you are creating with the universe.

What have you learned that you would share as a lesson to another filmmaker?
Let thing happen as they happen. Stick with this game long enough and you will understand what I mean.

Where have your films been screened?
My films have screened at The Pickle Fort, Grand River Pictures Film Festival, ArtPrize, and Hell’s Half Mile Film and Music Festival.

Your film “Creation Myth” was recently selected to be projected onto the side of the GRPD building for the UICA/ArtPrize collaboration. What was that experience like to see your work presented live out in public in such a high-traffic spot?
It was great! I stood quietly in the background and took it all in while I listened to perfect stranger’s commentaries on it.

Many of your films include your own music. What is it like composing your own scores to your own visuals?
It gives me a whole new layer of experimenting. Sometimes a film will take on an entirely different tone then what I originally had envisioned and it can be both gratifying and frustrating.

What’s next for you?
I have a few ideas. We’ll see if they stick with me.


You can catch the new episode this Saturday night at 12am midnight, and stay tuned for future additional airings. You can also get a sneak peek and follow Mosqueda's work through his Vimeo page at:

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