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Wealthy Theatre - The Go Rounds - "Make it Sweeter"

posted by Chris Kotcher on 02/07/2017

New Year's Eve at Wealthy Theatre.

The Go Rounds are Kalamazoo's favorite suns. High energy twang-rock and jelly roll. Hard to describe. Where Beauty meets Fury, The Go Rounds wail like the sonic love-child of Nashville and L.A. Graham Parsons, Adam Danis, Drew Tyner, and Mike Savina.

Broadcast live on 88.1fm WYCE
Video production by Wealthy Theatre & GRTV
Services of the Community Media Center
sound + color correction by: Erin Wilson
camera operators: Jeff Hudson & Will Mosqueda
lighting + video edit: Chris Kotcher

Also check out their performance of "Code" from that same night.

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