Creating a Web Series

posted by Sarah Nawrocki on 09/17/2016

Many people seem to think that you can't make it big
unless you're living in LA, NYC, or a similarly film-focused town,
(or have access to an ungodly amount of money).
Although that may be true to an extent,
a new loophole has come about,
giving anyone a chance to get their foot in the door.

Have you ever written a screenplay or a TV pilot?
Do you have a great idea for a movie
or TV show, but don't know how to
get your idea out there?
Regardless of your experince
or skill level, if you have a solid idea
and a few friends you can call on,
you (yes you!) can create your own web series!

Thanks to sites like YouTube & Vimeo,
many people have found success in
sharing their video series online,
and getting their ideas and talents on
the radars of Hollywood Execs.

When thinking of YouTube,
some people might only think
of such classic films, as:

"Gangnam Style"


But did you know that many writers for TV
are now getting their jobs at the writers' table
based on their successful web series?

Check out some of these great webseries-

"Lisa and Amy Are Black"
Both went on to be writers for such hit shows
as "Black-ish" and "Silicon Valley"

"Broad City"
Now a show on Comedy Central!

"Drunk History"
Also picked up by Comedy Central

"Dr. Horribles Sing-Along Blog"
Neil Patrick Harris.

The exciting thing about making a web series is:
You're the boss!
You don't have to follow rules, (unless you want to)
you can write whatever you want,
and you can do it virtually for free!

When writing the episodes,
consider things like:
- Is there a through-line story for the whole season?
- Are they stand-alone episodes?
- Who is your audience? (Age/other demographics)
- What company would you pitch the idea to? (HBO, FX, Netflix, etc.)
- Is there a structure to each episode?
(Act 1, 2 and 3, TV or Feature structure)
- Will it be scripted? Or just improvised?

Stop in GRTV or call us if you have questions.
Once you have your idea, we can give you 
advice on how to film and edit your series.
We have cameras, audio equipment,
and a variety of other items you can checkout.
We even have a green screen in the studio!

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