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GRTV teaches you how to create your own television show.  We offer classes and workshops that give you hands-on training and experience with video cameras, editing software, studio production, lighting and audio equipment and much more.  Once you’ve taken our certification courses you’ll be eligible to use our video production equipment and facilities for free.  For a complete list of our upcoming classes and workshops click here.


Use our video production equipment and facilities to tape your very own program to air on GRTV.  Members that have taken our production certification courses get access to our cameras, microphones, light kits, editing suites, laptops, production studio and more.  For a complete listing of available equipment click here.


Turn your show in to air on GRTV Comcast Cable Channel 25.  GRTV will air any non-commercial program and as a free speech forum, will not censor for content, length, quality, or format.  To submit your show, submit an Application for Cablecast with your program to 711 Bridge St NW.