• What does GRTV do?
    GRTV provides the tools, training, and means of distribution for you to create your own program and air it on our cable access channel.
  • What kind of equipment does GRTV offer?
    GRTV has a fully equipped television studio and three edit suites available for certified members. For checkout, we offer video cameras, microphones and lighting kits as well as a compliment of audio and video accessories to fit all of your production needs. For experienced editing members, we also offer take home laptops. Click here for a full list of GRTV checkout equipment
  • How do I get access to GRTV equipment?
    CMC members can become certified for equipment and facility use by taking GRTV's three core classes. Click here to find out more about our classes.

    In addition, you must maintain your CMC membership to continue to access GRTV equipment.
  • Do you offer additional training beyond your certification classes?
    GRTV also offers supplementary workshops that cover a wide range of subjects that include Adobe After Effects graphics creation, advanced Final Cut Pro editing, and professional studio and field production techniques. For a complete list of upcoming workshops, click here
  • How do I get my program on air?
    You can submit a program by filling out an GRTV Cablecast Form. Drop off your program at CMC Bridge Street with the Application for Cablecast Form and it will be scheduled to play back on air.
  • Once I've submitted my program, how long will my show air?
    Approximately 2 weeks. You will be contacted with show times by email or phone.

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