Jason Wilson Author


Wege Auditorium

1130 Wealthy St SE Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Starts: 1:00PM
Doors: 12:00PM
Duration: 90min

STREAMING LIVE FROM WEALTHY THEATER! A community conversation on manhood and well-being with youth development leader and author Jason Wilson, around his latest book Battle Cry, on sale Tuesday, September 21. Pre-order today from We Are LIT: wearelitgr.com/products/battle-cry

Countering the Culture of Misconstrued Masculinity is a timely topic that corresponds to the need for a platform and resources to empower men to embrace the full range of human emotion.

Connecting principles from the book with strategies Wilson employs in his work training and developing boys; this author talk and panel discussion will bring in voices from the local community and center around unlearning society's definition of masculinity and how men can get on the path to living fully in the present.


Joseph D. Jones is the pastor of Brown Hutcherson Ministries. He is the former president of the Grand Rapids Urban League and former second ward commissioner for the City of Grand Rapids. Joe’s work centers on faith-based human services, economic empowerment, community development, and philanthropy. He is a seasoned facilitator and speaker - and is the founder of The Hekima Group, a consulting firm focused on equity and inclusion strategies and other social justice advocacy.

Parris McMurray is the supervisor of community and student services at Grand Rapids Public Schools. He serves as a disciplinary hearings officer for students recommended for long-term suspension or expulsion where he deliberates within a team to identify conditions for reinstatement that help support the student. McMurray is an active member of the local community with a passion for youth advocacy and development.


James Peacock III is the founder of Grand Rapids Community Work, a nonprofit organization that collaborates with businesses, organizations, and community stakeholders to connect underserved residents to community resources. James’ passion and purpose are driven by his experiences as a youth in Grand Rapids and has inspired initiatives such as the Neighborhood Food Garden, MLK Community Garden, backpack drives, STEM-related opportunities, monthly community breakfasts, and other events.

Learn more about Jason Wilson and the book here: wearelitgr.com/blogs/bookculture/jason-wilson-battle-cry