River City Improv - February


Wege Auditorium

1130 Wealthy St SE Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Starts: 7:30PM
Doors: 6:30PM

River City Improv exists because we enjoy entertaining audiences using comedic improvisation. Our shows weave skits, games and songs with audience suggestions to create unique entertainment experiences for each show. Occasionally we will throw in a piece of non-improvised sketch comedy or a dance number, just to keep our audiences guessing.

General Admission: $15

GRCMC/Wealthy Theatre Members $13

Student/Children: $10

Bulk Groups (20+): $12/each

A Grand Rapids staple, River City Improv has been performing since 1993. We do improv, which is like an unscripted movie, plus the addition of lots of variety... and a bathroom break! Our team members are all local members of the West Michigan Community. We love Grand Rapids, and we love comedy. We are as passionate and varied as the scenes we portray onstage. We base our performances on live audience suggestions, from the mundane to the endearingly wacky. If you're always making other people say "Dad, you're so weird," you were BORN to be a member of our audience. This is your moment in the sun. At River City, we believe that laughter can bring us plenty of those sunny moments. Humor doesn't need to be scummy or taboo to be funny. In fact, we believe laughter is best when it can be shared. At an RCI show, co-workers can laugh alongside grumpy supervisors. Looking-for-Loves can laugh alongside their newly-met Tinder dates. And because it's "everyone-friendly," you're free to share with everyone from your nephew, to your yoga instructor, to your great-great Aunt Myrtle! Learn more at: https://www.rivercityimprov.com/

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