Pop Scholars Improv Comedy


Wege Auditorium

1130 Wealthy St SE Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Starts: 8:00PM
Doors: 7:00PM
Duration: 2


Pop Scholars is improv comedy at its best - always keeping you on your toes and never reaching for the easy joke. They impress with 2 hours of fast-paced humor, uncanny comedic-timing, and natural on-stage chemistry. Heralded as a "wave of smart, culturally relevant humor," be sure to check them out - you'll be glad you did. They're real smart. And stupid funny.

Must be vaccinated and wear a mask to attend. We are also reducing capacity for social distancing.

Doors: 7:00pm

Show: 8:00pm

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To keep ourselves and our community safe, everyone will be required to wear face-masks. Masks may be removed while seated and eating/drinking. Eating/drinking will not be allowed in the lobby area. Wealthy Theatre staff retain the right to refuse entry or escort guests off premise for non-compliance or health and safety concerns with no refund owed to the guest. We ask that you do your best to make mindful, distanced decisions about seating and waiting in lines. Take care of yourselves and each other. - Wealthy Theatre Management.

Learn more about Pop Scholars on their website: https://www.popscholars.com/