Wege Auditorium

1130 Wealthy St SE Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Starts: 9:00PM
Doors: 8:30PM

On the night before his first day at a new job, a young man must run for his life after a hitman mistakes him for a member of a clandestine terrorist group...

Pinus, pronounced Pie-nus, is an original new film from first-time director and comedian Grant Stiles. The film was shot during the summer of 2020 in Grand Rapids, and was made entirely with a camera bought at Best Buy using funds from a Covid-19 stimulus check. The movie follows in the strong Midwestern tradition of low-budget DIY horror and genre films and the cast is made up entirely of local comedians, musicians and artists from right here in town.

We hope you'll join us for the premiere of our film at the Wealthy Theater. Cast and Crew will be in attendance.


Starring: Schyler Perkins, Lee Kimbrell, Joe Anderson, John Williamson

Director: Grant Stiles

Runtime: 80 mins

Country: USA

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Face Masks recommended, but not required. Masks are available for those in need at the box office. Please be mindful & respectful of your neighbors in the auditorium & lobby. Enjoy the show.