#BAM Talent - Broadway Bootcamp


Annex - Front Studio

1110 Wealthy St SE Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Starts: 10:00AM
Doors: 10:00AM
Duration: 3hr

Part Health & Wellness, part Master Class, BROADWAY BOOTCAMP is designed for individuals interested in a life of live performance. Every Saturday morning, courses will start with physical fitness lead by director/choreographer, Yesenia Cotto, & end with an educational course crafted for every level of professional in a vast number of disciplines, styles and perspectives. Scheduled to appear are an amazingly eclectic panel of instructors: From Hometown Heroes, Broadway, CAT (Chicago Area Theatre) & national Industry Professionals.


INSTRUCTOR: Marcus A. Jordan

COURSE: Working Through Your Repertoire

Each Storyteller will work through a short song (around 32 bars or two minutes in length) or monologue. MJ and the actor will dialogue about the subtext of the lyrics to find honest and impulsive intentionality. What is the want and reason in each phrase of the song? How do you go about achieving that want authentically and holistically? How does your breath inform the delivery of your intention? This intimate exploration will invite the actor to tell an authentic story. Storytelling that lives and breathes honestly, will make an audience lean in.

Located in the CMC Wealthy St. Annex Front Studio

1110 Wealthy St. SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Tickets/Signups at: https://www.bamtalent.org/event-details/broadway-bootcamp-wk-9-marcus-a-jordan-2023-04-08-10-00