Ebony Road Players presents: Anne & Emmett by Janet Langhart Cohen (FRIDAY)


Starts: 7:00PM
Doors: 7:00PM
Duration: 1.5

A digital performance of the one act play, Anne & Emmett, by Janet Langhart Cohen

In this imaginative stage play, Anne Frank and Emmett Till meet in a place called “Memory” to share accounts of their lives and deaths. The story, about Till, an African American boy and Anne Frank, a German-Dutch Jewish girl, compares and contrasts how the racial injustices experienced on both ends were more similar than many people want to accept. It holds a mirror to all of us, showing that we are more alike than different and how important understanding and love will be in the healing of our world.  

Produced by Ebony Road Players


Tickets: $20 per device

Links to the virtual event will be emailed to ticket holders on November 20th

Questions? Email info@wealthytheatre.org