Michigan Metamorphosis

posted by Gretchen Vinnedge on 12/17/2015

CMC Education, as part of  AWE (Animation Workshop Educators), worked with students at North Park Montessori  this year to create our ASIFA Animation Workshop Group  project.  This is an international collaboration between educators and students from around the world who choose and work with a common theme to create a series of animated projects.  This year’s theme was “Optical Toys” and we choose to create Flip BooksJ.  You’ve all seen them, a series of drawings in a book that appear to move when you fan the pages.

Using a technique based on the “Equisite Corpse” model, students started by drawing the same thing on 2 -  3x5” cards.  One card would be the ending card in their series of drawings and the other would be given to the student next to them to use as their first drawing.  The task was to create a series of drawings (each did at least 19) that would gradually transform the first card into their last – creating a metamorphosis.

The result was this colorful transformation celebrating our state, its plants and wildlife.  The animation will be combined with those from the other countries and is set to premier at Hiroshima Animation Festival in Japan this August before screening at other festival around the world.


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