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Here at the Community Media Center, we are dedicated to enriching the lives of our community. We can do this thanks to the hard-working staff in our education department. We have many experienced members that spend their time developing classes, bonding with local organizations and most importantly, instructing our classes. 

We have a long history of engaging and effective classes that date back over 20 years. Because of this we have a wide variety of classes available to you no matter where your interests are. We hope that you will check out everything we have to offer and can do so here. If you have a media production-based skill but do not see it offered as a class, we offer custom classes to fit your needs. You can learn more right here.  


We have many wonderful instuctors at the GRTV who are experts in their fields. They take time out of their careers doing the things they teach to share their knowlage with the community. This means the classes are always growing as they do and are updated as they continue to delvelop their own skills.


The education department started as part of a Grand Rapids Community foundation grant back in 2006 for $30,000. The project was called Mobile learning Lab for information education or MoLLIE for short and was designed to bring video production and editing equipment into the classroom at a young age to enhance multimedia curriculum and teach kids technical skills. Over the past 16 years, the Grand Rapids Community Media centers. Education programs have worked with thousands of students in the classroom and outside of it ranging from first grade through senior citizens, partnering with hundreds of schools and organizations.